Class of 2018 Alumni

The Class of 2018 is an interesting class…



Four years ago when this class was a bunch of babies, not that they still are not, you would have assumed the names on this page would be much different. However, each class always sees this same trend. They start with a large group of freshmen and they slowly disappear. Whether that is because a loss of interest, bad outside influences, injury, or plain giving up because they aren’t made of the right “stuff” it takes to be a runner, it is a rare case you see a class that graduates the majority of the original freshmen complete all four years. The Class of 2015 might have been the last class to graduated more than 4 student athletes that competed all four years of cross country. The class of 2018 is no exception…

Bets for who would be on this page would have been placed on runners that did not run post sophomore year. What was unexpected was a dynamic duo that would help propel Goshen from a sub-average class B school to a NYS powerhouse, along with becoming a national threat in single track events.

Thing 1 of the duo had a bright future from the start or his freshmen running career. It was more or less a waiting game for when he would develop into the full potential high school athlete he was destined to be. There was no surprise that he would go on to qualify for the State Meet his next three years in XC.

Thing 2 of this “Affolder-like” duo would come into the picture a year late, as he was convinced soccer was his path at Goshen. While he did compete in the track seasons for Goshen, his running career was not much of a career yet. After much outside pressure, and probably much back and forth (assuming of course), this soccer star had been convinced XC was his new fall sport. What a fool… well a fool that would never not qualify for the State meet in his high school career, and then be ranked #1 in the nation for Steeplechase…


Louie Greco. Liam Higgins. Welcome to the Alumni Page. We have been waiting for you.




2018 must be the year of the Atlas arrival. 2018, we saw the elder Atlas make her comeback to competitive running. Who knew that we would see the younger Grace make an appear in the fall season? Proving any doubters wrong, Grace Atlas has suited up in the Cortland Red to join the super-cell 2018 class. Grace, welcome to the Alumni Page.


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