Class of 2016 Alumni

Class of 2016 Alumni


Party like its 2016! The 2015-2016 XC team would send two athletes for the Boy’s team, and three athletes for the Girl’s team to the State meet, probably the best showing for Goshen since the 2008 Boy’s team qualified for the state meet + Brittany Foote. Remember all that stuff about laying the groundwork for success? 2016 showed a glimpse into that future.

Class of 2016 saw a major shift in team dynamic, between the coaching changes in full effect and a large group of young talent. Holding the reigns on the fresh boy’s team was the seasoned captain Kyle Haller. Haller brought many years of experience, along with a friendly face. Being one of the few, if not only seniors on the boy’s team, Kyle was provided a difficult task. He would find himself amongst an inexperienced team from many sport backgrounds, and untapped talent. It was up to this kid to show them what cross country was about, and that is no easy task.

Kyle always found a way to persevere through thick and thin, and this gained him the attention of his future home, Saint Bonaventure. Go Bunnies!  Bonnies!

On the other side of all of this, we have Haley Maerz. I want to apologize for two things: One, the disconnect I have from the girls teams that do not allow me to have as much of a story behind the athletes. Two, the fact I managed to not realize I was watching Haley race at the NCAA regional race in 2017 until after the race ended. Had I known, you would have been on this website much sooner and I would have been cheering you on. Once I realized after the meet, I was so excited to add you to the Alumni site and get in contact with you!

Haley always seemed to be in the shadow of the Goshen girls like Serkes, Atlas and Elston.  Being in the limelight doesn’t mean everything though. What Haley has shown is that a running career does not have to stop at high school, just because you were not recruited by a school or qualified for the State meet. Maerz spent one year at SUNY Orange running on their upstart team, and then eventually found herself a top spot at SUNY Purchase.


Welcome to the Alumni Team, Kyle and Haley.



Does the name Angelique Atlas sound familiar? After stepping aside from competitive running for a while, Atlas has made a return to the running scene. Atlas was a standout runner at Goshen, representing the Red, White and Blue at several State championships. When Atlas made an appearance at the 2017 Alumni Race, I was sure that would not be the last time we would see her. It is with great pleasure to welcome Angelique to the Alumni Page!