Class of 2015 Alumni

The Class of 2015

It’s a bit lonely here. While maybe it seems a bit lonely here, the Class of 2015 would be described as anything but. The team that competed in the fall of 2014 was not one for the record books in terms of times or place, but that doesn’t speak to the environment this team set. Between 2013 and 2015, major changes in coaching staff and team outlook had been made. The Goshen CC team took a turn toward the future. It’s future was Goshen XC.

Coaching changes provided the Men’s team a clean slate to begin working on creating a new team environment in hopes to grow success. The women’s team would not see major changes until the following year. Championships are not built overnight, and this group understood that their task was larger than attempting to become a State qualifying team. With a large freshmen group with vast potential, the 2014-2015 team understood their role was to instill a sense of “hard work breeds success” into the young runners. They would become role models for the underclassmen, and have a lot of fun and minor success on the way.

The senior class of 2015 would also be one of the largest classes that had runners compete all four years, Connor Haller, Brendan Byrne, Dan Soloman, Caleigh Loughran, Julia Licciardi to name a few of the men and women.

*Jesse Chain was not one of those athletes that competed all four years. He joined the party a year late, signing up for the sport as a sophomore. As a sophomore, he watched his friends make the top 10 team as he struggled to find little success in running, and almost handed in his uniform after two weeks. Luckily the 2012 team had become some of his closest friends, so he came back for the 2013 season.

Success would soon find Chain, as he slowly began learning about the sport. He would eventually drop over six minutes on his 5k/ 3 mile time over the next two years, becoming Goshen’s leading scorer and Goshen’s course record holder (this record would later be demolished by the freshmen of his senior year team).

His senior year would be plagued with injury and medical issue, but did his best to hide that from pretty much everyone. His ability to overcome and lead sparked interest in college coaches, and ultimately Chain would commit to run at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.



Jesse Chain













*Editors Note: I realize many people know that I, Jesse, run this part of the website. While true, I had several people piece together something for this page along with my input as I felt it was odd attempting to write about myself. I would have just wrote, he ran, got lucky and here are his times. But without guys like Byrnes, Connor, Tim, Kyle, Tyler, Peter, Nick and the rest of the guys on my high school teams, I would never have continued running after that 2012 season. I owe it to those guys for getting me to stick it through, along with my family and coaches of course. I created this page for Goshen to stay connected to it’s Alumni. It gives current Goshen athletes something to look at as maybe motivation, or be able to relate to these athletes and find a spark. It gives the Alumni the ability to stay connected as well. 20 years from now, these memories will live on and it will be a blast to be able to look back at them.