Summer 2019 XC Update

The 2019 cross country season is less than 3 weeks away. Those of you attending 5-Star have less than 2 weeks before departing for camp. Beyond that, all practices are absolutely mandatory. Many athletes still have a great deal to accomplish in a very short time, and the clock is ticking!

At this point in the summer, every workout counts. Every workout you miss, every double run you decide to sleep in for, every long run you cut short, will have a lasting effect on your success and the success of the team. If you haven’t been completing workouts and attending captains’ practices, I suggest you begin immediately, as once the season begins, our conditioning phase is over and you will be left in the dust. Our workout calendar is below. Captains’ practices have been taking place almost every weeknight, and team workouts have been at least once per week since the beginning of July.

As of July 28, approximately half of our athletes have signed up on FamilyID. Please register as soon as possible. In most cases, it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. If you require an updated physical, be sure to schedule it BEFORE August 19. Athletes who are not approved by the school nurse will not be eligible to practice. You will be sent home from practice and your absence will be considered unexcused. To register for XC on FamilyID, click here:

Finally, a couple of items specific to the boys’ team… We have worked tirelessly over the past several years to build a well-respected, quality, competitive program. During this time, we’ve seen a number of amazing things happen. In 2016, we won Sections, in 2017 two of our athletes medaled at States. In 2018 we sent two more athletes to the State meet, and in both of these years we’ve fallen short of qualifying for States as a team by a relatively small margin against some stiff competition. We’ve had a top 3 that could compete against almost any team in the State. We’ve been consistently State-ranked in the top 10 each year. Our main area of weakness has centered around not having strong enough #4 and #5 runners each year. We’ve unfortunately lacked the depth to compete against teams like Cornwall and Mount Academy.

This year presents a new opportunity to advance our program with Cornwall moving up to Class A. Once again though, it will fall upon the shoulders of a few select athletes to make it happen. We will have an extremely strong top three that can compete against any team’s top three in OCIAA and beyond. Which is great, except cross country is scored based on the performances of the top five (and ultimately top 7 when displacement is taken into consideration). For us to accomplish our goal this season and beat Mount Academy, it will REQUIRE at least four athletes to step up and work harder than they’ve ever worked before.

Without even having run in one meet yet this season, I can already accurately predict that our top 3 will need to be either sub-16 or as close to it as humanly possible. Our numbers 4-5-6-7 will need to be less than 18 minutes and more realistically, closer to 17 flat.

Even ignoring potential times, our top-3 needs to sweep Sections, and our #’s 4 and 5 runners need to be within 10 places of our #3 even just to have a chance at winning. And even with that, the score will be close enough where displacement may come into play, meaning our #’s 6 and/or 7 will need to break up Mt Academy’s #’s 6 and 7.

These improvements are not beyond reach. These goals are completely attainable if you’re willing to be dedicated to your team, trust your coaches, and follow the plan. I can assure you that we will do everything in our power as coaches to help you do so.

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