Summer Newsletter #1

Dreaming about the next season

There’s a distinct uniqueness about runners. We do things that most people try to avoid. We set goals that require long sessions of plain hard work. We make ourselves hurt. We sacrifice certain events because we have other events that relate to running, or because those events would not get a good return on our investment and efforts that we have put into our training.

Few others except some in the world of athletics understand why we do what we do. Did you ever get into a race and be over your head and still have 10 minutes to go? Have you pushed yourself beyond to pain barrier and go beyond your current limit of hydration and just literally crawl to the finish line so that you can say that you didn’t give up, and then go out and do nearly the same thing again?

It takes a different kind of person to do what we do and then to keep doing it. It takes someone with a dream of accomplishing what others in the field of our sport say that we can’t. It takes the faith and knowledge that we are not alone. WE have teammates who are just as willing to work hard to get to that finish line asap as we are, and that helps. And we also have competition that puts their best efforts against ours to see who has prepared the most or who wants it more or who has the bigger dream.

So here you are. School is over and summer is just beginning, and you are part of something. You are part of a team and a culture and it’s all bigger than you. That at once is daunting and exhilarating as being part of something that is bigger than yourself allows you to have the faith to find your limits and to dream your dream.

So now that you have a few minutes to think; what’s your dream? Do you see yourself as someone who will do all of the work and make it to the finish line sooner each and every time that you go to the starting line? Are you one who wants to help lead the team by being in the top seven as often as you can? Do you see yourself putting all that you have trained for to work for you and the team by holding off a competitor who is testing your resolve? Or do you see yourself running hard often and going to the starting line with the attitude and swagger of someone who is going to just run away from everyone else? Do you want to live any of the dreams laid out before you? Do you want to be able to dream even bigger dreams and find your own special greatness?

If any of this gives you pause to think and to dream, then we have a plan for you and we have faith that if you also have faith and follow the plan, then each and every one of these dreams can become your reality.

So what are your goals? What’s your dream and how much of yourself are you willing to put into achieving those goals? Everyone can and does dream; mostly at night or in moments when it’s still and quiet but most of those dreams pass nearly unnoticed. However, it’s the person who dreams with eyes wide open and who’s keenly aware that gives themselves the best chance of achieving those goals. They are the ones to watch and they give the rest of the world pause to take notice. They are the ones that everyone in their heart of hearts wants to be like.

We challenge you to be like them and to make others take notice and ask “Why do you do that”? The answer to that question is often difficult to express, but for those who dare, it’s easy to understand.

Let’s dream dreams of greatness together! Let’s follow the plan and train not as individuals, but as a TEAM. Many of your teammates have already begun following that plan. They’ve been meeting up several times a week and they’ll continue to do so throughout the summer. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or brand new to all of this, come to our practices and join them. You’ll be glad you did when fall rolls around!

Hope to see you soon!

–Coach Furst, Coach Lewis, & Coach Manaseri


Reminders & Info:

  • If you’re not already registered on FamilyID, please sign up as soon as possible. Registration only takes a few minutes. Goshen Athletics Family ID Registration
  • Our summer training plan is available here. In our experience, athletes who follow this plan will see the greatest results; not only by the end of this summer, but over the course of the entire school year.  You are laying the foundation for cross country, indoor, and outdoor track. The stronger the foundation, the more success you’ll experience. Follow the plan; trust the process.
  • Summer captains’ practices take place several times per week. We encourage everyone to join whenever possible. Coaches will be there a couple days per week. Attendance is not mandatory and is open to everyone, but those who attend the most will see the greatest results and have the best experience on this team. For the purpose of scholarship ratings, attendance is taken regularly.
  • Keep track of your running this summer! Log your runs/workouts/miles. This is not only for coaches to see your progress, but also for yourself, so that you can gradually increase mileage over the summer. We’ll hit peak mileage usually by the end of the summer, so easing into the training plan and increasing each week is crucial to your success.
  • For more information on our cross country scholarships, please click here. This is especially important for our athletes entering their senior year. Take a look at the rating rubric, know the requirements, and be sure to follow them if you plan on applying.

Finally, we’d like to promote & encourage participation in the Shawangunk Runners Summer Series

  • Each Monday starting July 9, there’s a cross country summer race series held near New Paltz. Races begin at 6:45PM and distances/courses vary each week. Most races are run through the scenic carriage roads of Minnewaska and Mohonk.
  • For the past couple years, Goshen XC athletes have been well-represented at these races, and we’d like that to continue. Coaches will be there each week.  We encourage athletes to carpool and travel together. Cost is only $10 for students for all 5 races; details are available below.
  • To register online, follow the link below:

    Date Event Description Location
    July 9: Patterson’s Pellet 3m on carriage roads Upper Parking Lot of the Minnnewaska State Park Preserve
    July 16: Blueberry Run 4m ramble through the blueberry fields and carriage roads Upper Parking Lot of the Minnnewaska State Park Preserve
    July 23: Undercliff / Overcliff 5m on carriage roads West Trapp’s Trailhead of the Mohonk Preserve
    July 30: Lou’s Run 4m of trails and carriage roads Springfarm Trailhead of the Mohonk Preserve
    August 6: Fun Run & Awards Run up to 5 miles Garvan’s Gastropub, 215 Huguenot St, New Paltz, NY 12561

    Each week will feature a 1/2 mile and 1 mile kids race
    Kids Race Starts at 6:45pm | Adults immediately following

    Day of registration is available
    Individual Registration available for $20/ Student registration: $10
    Family Registration available for $30.
    Single Race Fee registration available on the day of the event – $10 Adult | $5 Kids